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// Saturday, February 16, 2008
O2 web 2.0 free blogger template

Original Publisher: and
Score : 7/10
Type : New Blogger Template (.xml)
Review :
This trendy web 2.0 template is designed by Eches and it’s basically made for Wordpress. Then Blogandweb made it available for Blogger based blog. It has blue theme with three sided columns. In the top header part you’ll find blog name and badge. In the zip file you can find original .psd file of badge 2.0 and also for logo. This way you can maximize the look of your template to be optimized unique for your own self.

We’ve added socialize widget and hope it’s working properly after installation. Just reply comments here if anything goes wrong. Clik download button below to get this free cool blogger template in web 2.0 design.

Download the file
Second mirror here.


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// Friday, February 15, 2008
Cat sociatigh web 2.0

Original Publisher: Erica and
Score : 7/10
Type : New Blogger Template (.xml)
Review :
This glossy blogger template comes with six variants. It is very cool and elegant template for personal blogging site. Designed clearly with glossy effects at the top part, the template looked so bright. Originally deigned for worpress based blog and now it’s converted and optimized for Blogger platform. You can see at screenshoot above, it is the orange web 2.0 templates variant. Cool huh..

You can download this template which is mirrored by us for your pleasure. This Sosuechtig Blogger template is very suitable for personal blog which talks about daily life. We added socialize widget injected inside the template.

Download the file
Second mirror here.


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Make a blog about travel and vacation guide- where do I start

Some said that easy way to blog is by making a blog about travel and vacation. Why? Because it is fun and getting topics is easy. But actually it won’t be so easy. Building a blog about travel guidance it needs to spend amount of money, time, and enough information capacity of places we want to blog about.

Probably you have lots of money and time, but what about good information about places you want to visit? Even if traveling is your hobby, but I’m sure you can’t visit some places around the world and getting enough information of them easily. What I’m talking about here is about collecting information about places you want to travel in. This information include: culture, tourists area, language, most interesting places, public transport, tourism track, hotels and its prices.

So where do I start to find out such information? Nice question indeed. First you have to search information focused on your travel destination. Just an example, I want to write about traveling guide to Spain. So I have to find out what’s become Spain attraction. The easy step to start is telling about things a visitor can do in Spain such: Visiting the Alhambra in Granada, seeing Frank Gehry's amazing architecture, skiing in the Sierra Navada Mountains, visiting Gaudi's Barcelona and of course watching bullfighting. Also write about where are good places to stay as additional information, yet it is important.

Writing more detail about some place in a country will also great too. When I want to write about Spain, I can also break the post into more deep focused explanation about most attractive place such Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. So I won’t forget to mention list of good hotels in Madrid and Barcelona. It is aimed to make easier for prospective tourists to find great place to stay there.

The most important thing is about writing travel reviews of most people’s favorite place such Hawaii and Paris. Writing most favorite attractions in Paris is an added value to potentially drive traffic. What else people look for in Paris? It is of course the great hotels to stay in Paris. Because it is could be the first information what visitors looking for before they decide to take a flight.

Don’t ever think that getting such information above is difficult. Every one can even do that with only one visit to actual places. So where do I can get the rest information especially to find out some great cheap hotels? site may be the right place to start with. First time I visited the site I thought they just provide famous places at Europe. But no they don’t, yet they provide complete hotel information around the world. Moreover I tried to search information of hotels in my country, Indonesia. And yes they have the information.

Hotel Directory

Anyone can browse hotel directory in in an easy way. The hotel directory is provided for each country completely with each address. The site classified each hotel by its classes (5-stars, 4-stars, 3-stars, and so on) and its prices.

When you visit the site you should find a “Last Minute Deals” box which you can search for any deals of hotels around the world. You can also see list of top destination for UK travelers there.


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Open another browser window and log in to your Blogger account. Create a new post an give a title. Write anything in the posting area and hit [Publish Post] button.

publish post

Then get the url of your newly posted page. I did it by going to [edit posts] section, right clicking [View] link and copying the url.

get post url

Now go to your Google CSE control panel at [Code] section. Now tick [Host results on a non-Google site using an:] and [iframe] option. Then paste your post url in the form. Next a column contains your search box code will appear. Select and copy the given code.

get the code

Paste the code inside your blogger template.

paste the code

And here it's looked like at this blog.

BlogTemplate20 GCSE

Go to Google CSE control panel again and copy the search result code.

copy the code

You should go to edit section of your Blogger again and reedit your post. Delete what you’ve typed before and paste the code inside it. Hit publish again.

paste the code

Then you can test how it works at your blog. Try to define some search keywords.

preview of Google CSE on BlogTemplate20

That’s what we need to do for setting up a Google Custom Search Engine on a Blogger platform. You can try Google CSE in action from this blog. You can utilize Google CSE in this blog to search any posts contain keywords you want. Any questions just write down at comment link below this post. Subscribe to Blog Template 2.0 to get quick update. [Prev]

You’re currently reading part of Placing Google CSE Tutorial. The complete part of this post can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3.


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Next we’ll try to customize some setting for our Google CSE. Go to your control panel page. You can reedit some basic information but now go to Look and feel section.

Google CSE control panel

STOP! You’re currently reading part of Placing Google CSE Tutorial. The complete part of this post can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3.

It is time to customize style of how search result will be displayed. There you can pick some colors and make changes by clicking [Save Changes] button. Make sure to make it suitable with theme of your Blogger template.

pick colors

You can additionally add a logo on result page.

add a logo

Now it’s time to make money with your Google CSE. Remember we didn’t integrate it yet to our Blogger template. It is just preliminary setting. We need to do this customization at first. Go to [Make Money] section. I assumed you already have an Adsense account, so tick [I already have an Adsense account] option. Then fill in the forms provided.

adsense setting

Previously I left the Preview section. Yes, because here (at this part) we can do a preview about what we have set up before.




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Google CSE

Now we can place Google search engine to search through our blog and display search result directly inside a blog page. It can be possible by using Google Custom Search Engine. Much more we can also customize it to suit our blog template. Yet, we can also do some adjustment to earn some money by displaying Adsense in search result. What’s main different between Google CSE and Google’s Adsense for search? On Google CSE search results are displayed inside your own blog/site page, Adsense for search don’t.

Originally I found this tutorial at DoshDosh about setting up Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) for Wordpress based blog. So here we try to talk about setting up Google CSE for Blogger based blog. To find out more about what about Google CSE you can go here.

This tutorial will be divided into 3 parts to make it easier for browser loading. I’ve inserted Google CSE on BlogTemplate20 a few days ago and I’ll try to write some short explanation about how to set it. We’ll keep this tutorial short clean and simple as usual. Keep reading and write me your comments if you have questions about it.

Go to Google CSE homepage and click [Create a Custom Search Engine] button. You may login if you need to (using Google account).

click the button

Next you’ll find some questions you have to answer according your Google CSE basic information. Here you can give a name for your Google CSE. Make sure to tick [Only sites I select] option.

basic information

You have to specify a list of web sites url to search. Now enter your blog URL with slash and apteryx (/*) behind it. You can find out why we use this format by clicking [Tips on formatting URLs] link. Otherwise just type your blog url there (see example).

enter urls

After hitting [Next] button your Google CSE is a half finish. You should try your new Google CSE in the next page to preview how it works. Meanwhile I just clicked [Finish] button to make it fairly quick coz we can customize it later.

try Google CSE

STOP! You’re currently reading part of Placing Google CSE Tutorial. The complete part of this post can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3.


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// Thursday, February 14, 2008

We may curious about how worth is a blog we have, and how valuable is every single link inside it. Actually we won’t know it until we really offer it for a bid at marketplace somewhere around the web. But we probably can predict value or even price of an outgoing link for our blog. This could be useful for consideration of placing direct text link ads.

I found 2 free tools enable us to find out about it. The first one is a free page rank checker plus website value estimated tool from SmartPageRank. Secondly is Link value estimator from LinkVendor. provides free page rank analyzer which is checking from various Google Center to validate page rank result. Yet, additionally you’ll get estimation of your website/blog value. Value appears in checking result represents an approximate value of your blog, not an actual real value. Value of your blog is determined by these factors: page rank, traffic, backlinks, age of domain, directory listing, and other unlisted factors.

To get started with this service drive your browser to and enter your blog url there.

enter your blog url

To gain more validity result it will be checked through several Google’s data centers.

Google datacenter check

Then your blog page rank will be analyzed quickly.

page rank display<

As your blog PR appears, scroll down the page and you’ll find your blog value.

blog value<

LinkVendor didn’t predict your overall blog value. But they predict how worth is price of link in your blog. To try this “Link value” service visit and type your blog url there. You can choose two available currencies in dollar or euro.

link vendor

I think it is a cool blog popularity prediction service ever. See how worth this blog’s link.

link value by

The two of them also provide button's code to be placed at your blog. It is suggested for you to use this button if your blog has higher value.


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BlogTemplate20 diagnosis result

Talking about search engine optimization (SEO) for blog based site can not be separated from SEO tool. There are lots of SEO monitoring and diagnosis tools around the web. From a simple SEO tool until the complex and complete one like what we want to talk about. A SEO doctor that can help you diagnose your blog popularity stats.

We can find out how well our blog is doing in major popular search engine and some social bookmarking site statistics. The good thing of this tool is it provided for free. Where do we can find this such free SEO tool? Nice question. Xinu offers free SEO diagnosis tool to make webmasters and bloggers can easily check their blog stats, including pagerank.

Xinu SEO diagnosis

All you have to do is by entering your blog url and hit [GO] button. Then your blog SEO stats will be generated quickly on the fly. Next you can see diagnosis result. Xinu provides you with complete diagnosis analysis of your blog popularity. I may call this Xinu service as SEO doctor.

blog SEO diagnosis result

The reason why I write this SEO diagnosis service is just because it is a free cool SEO monitoring service which offers complete SEO diagnosis. Since it doesn’t provide us with “SEO monitoring” page, so we have to always recheck stats every time we want to know if there is an update.

BlogTemplate20 diagnose result


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Last night surprisingly I’d checked that BlogTemplate20’s pagerank was updated and increased from PR 0 to PR 2. Oww.. I’m so glad with my own happiness of gaining PR 2 for this blog around 2 months since it’s established.

Page rank of BlogTemplate20

Yes it is just a PR 2 blog, but I’m still very happy with this result. What next makes me happy? Page rank increment from 0 to 2 is really meant to me. Previously I don’t really care about page rank because everything in my head is about traffic. But then I realize that I was wrong. In many submission cases a page rank becomes important consideration of acceptance.

Result of checking page rank at Xinu it was coming in such amazing stats. Just like what we see on illustration above. This blog also gain Technorati rank 66.360 with 100 authority point. Some how this blog listed at rank 679.876 of Alexa rank. That is why the reasons for my smile all this day.


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SEO Monitor is a free SEO stats monitoring service from website. Basically it is a simple service which enables blogger to see weekly update of his blog page rank. Although it is simple, but utilizing SEO monitor is really useful.

What stats can we see from this SEO Monitor? By using this service it means that you make a page on contains your blog’s page rank (PR), Google backlinks (GBL), Google indexed pages (GIP), Yahoo backlinks (YBL), Yahoo indexed pages (YIP), MSN backlinks (MBL), and MSN indexed pages (MIP). And again what’s the benefit? We can check our blog’s SEO stats (including PR, GBL, and so on) easily every week. This way we don’t have to check them one by one. This is an alternate service from displaying SEO Stats banner.

How can you get this Free SEO Monitor service? As it is a free service so anyone can use it. Getting this service is quite easy with just 3 steps.

  1. Go to MyPageRank and enter your blog url then click [Create my SEO Monitor] button.
    enter site url
  2. You’ll get 80x15 banner code to be pasted at your blog template. Now select it, right click then copy it.
    copy and paste the code
  3. Paste the code inside your Blogger template. About how to put some codes to Blogger template is as easy as adding widgets.

What if you don’t really want to put banner on your blog? You have to put small banner linked to your SEO monitor page. Otherwise you can write down your page URL and visit it next time. Since SEO stats is updated weekly, so I don’t really think you have to visit that page everyday. Here it is the page will be looked like.

this blos stats


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// Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Earn money from unsecured personal loan

I just write more and more about "making money from blogging". But could you ever know that we can - if we want - earn additional income from unsecured personal loan. There are not a lots of available personal loan online. Especially the trusted small business. So I found the good one on the net, a site for getting online loan money,

This site's service aimed to help anyone getting personal loan easily as soon as possible. They provide four main service: personal loans online, small business loan, startup loan, and fast loan $50K. Nothing to worry in using their service because you can consult your loan needs with them (I know there are available consulting staff there, that makes them as trusted service).

As I've seen at their personal loan service page, you can enjoy their loan package that is started from $1,500 to $50,000. What should benefit you from Americaoneunsecured? As a blogger you can apply to be their affiliate to earn extra cash for up to $12.50 payout/application. Wow,.. that's not small amount of bucks I think. Especially for a loan based affiliate program. This site has the highest one of other such programs.

How can we know that is trusted and really secured? We can know it simply by clicking the GoDaddy button to verify it. Or we can also check it at by clicking its button at footer part of page as well as GoDaddy button.

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Just like I’ve said, getting around at blogging community is tricky part of getting traffic for our published blog. is the biggest blogging community that we have to be joined there. Due of potential traffic we may possible get, so we need to know tricky ways how to grab traffic there.


How is the way to grab traffic from MyBloglog? It is basically simple answer. Being active and regularly visit other’s community. Because MyBloglog is closer to social media site than a forum, so I’ll tell you several tricks to grab pretty fair traffic from there. Images below taken when I was joining BigBangBong by SoulSoup.

  1. Tag other’s profile.
    tagging a profile
  2. Tag other’s community.
    tagging community
  3. Browse and join communities.
    Join at community
  4. Write a message to other members.
  5. Add other member to your contact.
    leave message and add to contact

The main objective of doing above things is to get other member’s attention which can produce traffic. Which one of these ways is the most effective to do? The answer is the last one of course. Why? I know it is looked like a simple trifling unimportant step to do.

Most MyBloglog’s members think the 3rd is the best trick. Yes it is, but MyBloglog limits you about 15 communities in a day that you can join (Correct me if I’m wrong).

But the last trick would not work best if didn’t know how to optimize this trick. So show me show me how’d you do that trick..?

Ok I’ll tell you coz it is just simple silly trick. When you want to add someone to your contact list than these options will appear.

add to contacts

You might not tick “… is my friend” and “… is my family” option, unless he/she is your real friend and/or family. Besides, your name will be shown at contact list only. So now tick the “I’m a fan of …” option. Thus way your name will be shown at contact list and admirers list at once. Rasionally a person will always curious of whos his admirers.

my admirers

Explanation above doesn’t mean to restrict you in doing overall tricks. Aim of this article is only to optimize your MyBloglog account to grab some traffics for you blog. So keep trying and wish you luck.


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// Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Healthy blog

New Bloggers (like me) are always wondering how to boost up their blog’s traffic in an easy instant way. So the question is “What do our blog really need to?”

What if I’ll give you two options? A huge instant’s traffic or continuous quality traffic? There are lots of SEO techniques ready to boost your blog traffic. You can mass submit your blog’s link to directories for inclusion, some traffic exchange programs, and spamming forums. Again, the question is “Is it really safe for our blog’s health?”

Oh we still can buy text link ads or other advertising campaigns. But is it really suitable with our budgets? So I’ll tell you alternative ways how to get natural flows of your blog’s traffic. What I’ll write below is based on what I’ve done with this blog.

How’d we know that our blog’s traffic increase naturally? We need a stat tracker tool. Just for example that I use free service.

Extreme Tracking

Believe it or not that the blog you’re reading now is not older than three months (while this article posted). I never did any mass submission thing but Google. But take a look at my blog stats. How much unique visitors I’ve got.

My blog's age

Screen shoot below illustrates this blog’s recent weekly unique hits. See the pattern of increasing unique visits. Is it looked so natural isn’t it? No instant traffics and no black hat SEO.

last 20 weeks blog's UV
Note: Image taken at Week 07 on 04:56

How this could be happened? First, always update your post. Provide your readers with fresh contents. It doesn’t have to be daily post. You can do this once every 2 days, 3 days, and weekly. The success key is “Regular update” of your posting. Quality contents are suggested but it doesn’t need to be. You can provide light information and some jokes are fine too. But keep in mind that your post must be unique and informative.

Second, do a blog-walking around famous blogs across the net. You might visit blogs which have similar topics with yours. Read what you think interesting there and write comment to appreciate other bloggers.

Third, promote your blog. Write your own opinions and leave a link to your blog. Please beware of spamming alerts. Don’t leave a link with nonsense text without unique quality opinion. Otherwise you’ll be marked as spammer.

Fourth, join bloggers communities. The most famous giant community that you must join is MyBloglog. I think I’ll write a tricky article about gaining most attention from other bloggers on MyBloglog next time. But I swear this isn’t a promise.

Top of those steps, your blog needs to be indexed by Google. So find a way to get indexed. Or simply by submitting your blog’s url here. Until nowadays, Google is still the giant traffic machine.

Traffic from Google


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