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// Saturday, January 19, 2008
bookmarker buttons generator

Spice up your blog footer by adding some socializer buttons. Here we picked up 7 powerful tools to do that. Some of them are allowing you to select which buttons you need, and some of them are allowing you to just copy-paste codes and done. By putting social bookmarking badges on your blog post footer you can increase more opportunity to be listed at best bookmarker and get free backlinks as well as free traffics. Placing bookmarker codes generated by these site is very easy to do. Here we go with the list selected from other huge list.

Using this BlogSocializer allows you to add best 9 bookmarker buttons. You do not need to generate any codes or even copy-pasting code for every single page. You just need to place the code given to your blogger template. Social bookmarking sites that listed by this tool are Digg, Delicious, Blink, Furl, Google, Simpy, Yahoo! MyWeb, Technorati, and Stumbleupon.

social poster
With you can generate bookmarker code for every single page. You can even choose which buttons you will use.

Social Bookmarks Creator
Or just use this Social Bookmarks Creator from site. Now this tool support to add about 51+ social bookmaker sites (I think will be incresed soon). You can choose your favorite bookmarkers but by default only 14 most popular bookmarkers selected.

This bookmarker buttons generator tool is very popular now. But with you can only get their buttons (there are two kind) not originally bookmarkers button. But this tool can also provide feed submission tool.

Share this!
This tool is another favorite tool just like AddThis. Only one button makes sharing easy.

This SocialMarker tool is like a combination from AddThis and ShareThis like service and PostToaster like service. You can choose to display only one button to submit all, or you can choose to display bookmarkers true button that's selected by you. Cool service.

Post Toaster
PostToaster beta service is the most complete bookmarkers button generator. Just like it said, PostToaster has pretty sizeable collection of bookmarker buttons. It also includes option to select bookmarker sites that do not support nofollow attribute.

Those are 7 great tools to add Social Bookmarker buttons onto your blog pages. Hope will be useful for you and us. Which one is the better for you? please let me know.


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