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// Sunday, January 6, 2008
Rounded corners tabbed top menu Blogger skin
Rounded corner layout

Original Publisher: and
Score : 7/10
Type : New Blogger Template (.xml)
Review :
Blogy Acuerdo may be the finest template for two coloumns lover. This template is really optimized to be viewed better at Internet Explorer, expecialli IE7. At Mozilla Firefox this template still can be viewed good shape but it needs some minutes to load complete layout. Especially for dialup user. But in thiz age I think most connection will work fine for this template. All the way this template has rounded corner layout. Designed so wellformed as web 2.0 stylish layout. Readers can see gradient header at top of page. Tabbed menu and rounded button also displayed well at top of page. You can edit this part as you like.

Downloadable version of this Blogy Acuerdo template can be obtained from this page. And again, it has already been injected with Social bookmarking widget from BlogSocializer so your blog readers can submit any stories directly to Digg or even Delicious and Technorati.

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